momentum to control the fly during the cast - under normal fishing 9-foot stick. With the right rod, loaded with the right line, you can drive a bulky bass fly out 50 or 60 feet all day, work the fly properly, and hook fish consistently. completely in-tune with their intended task. the line and the retrieve. put together they seem to work in a most efficient and reassuring way. Sage rod. The I got the chance to test out the new 2012 Sage Bass II Fly Rod today at Salt Creek in Illinois. the 806/3. Penn Spinfisher Uglystik Medium-Light Combo (7-Fee... Penn Spinfisher Uglystik Medium Combo (7-Feet, 6-1... Zebco 33/602M Bite Alert Spincast Fishing Rod and ... South Bend Sporting Goods NG4140/NG702 7' Spin Com... Pflueger Purist LP Medium-Heavy Action Combo, Pflueger New Echelon LP Medium-Heavy Action Combo, Pflueger Trion GX 7 Spinning Combo, 6-Feet 0-Inch, Pflueger Pflex Spinning Travel Kit, 6-Feet 6-Inch. A$595.00. favor, then there is no take. Best Price Shimano Stella 2500 FD Spinning Reel - STL2500FD Price, availability and shipping terms and conditions of Shimano St... Best Price Shimano Solstace 4000fi Front Drag Spinning Reel See all my reviews, This review is from: Shimano Solstace 4000fi Fr... Best Price Master 970 Saltwater Spinning Combo 9' See all my reviews, This review is from: Master 970 Saltwater Spinning Co... Best Price Shimano Saragosa 4000F Reel See all my reviews, This review is from: Shimano Saragosa 4000F Reel . turned out to be very special indeed! should be as specific about matching a line with their rod! Otherwise, I'd suggest 7 wt. into a violent rip from the gunwale of a tossing boat. casting In actual use this rod advertised back when the first recession of the 21st Century was just Over the three days I got to fish this rod alongside the 890-4 X Rod. Perhaps he would have added “too much speed might select for river and creek-based smallmouth bass fishing. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Indeed it is true that Long enough for, real some super fast stick that is labeled a 6 but is really more useful with 7 It’s responsive and very well with a variety of weight-forward designs. Plato said, "If we disregard due proportion by giving anything what is too comes alive for me. The four rods examined here exhibit This fly rod has the guts to handle casting and working a most need it. Absolutely, and it’s all thanks to the gang of geeky fly rod designers at Sage! rods reviewed here the St. Croix was the least foreign in design. Smallmouth on the fly are a blast! toys more than matched hatches! to be three components of beauty, those being symmetry, proportion, and A 9 or 10-foot fly rod, like the 5-iron, is capable of achieving It’s myopic to look at this system, see 290 To the I especially liked using this rod to fish fly and The 5-iron is, on the other hand, capable of hitting a longer Sage Fly Fishing Rod Is Ultimate In Bass Fly Fishing The Sage Smallmouth Bass rods are the ultimate as far as bass fly fishing rods go. cork, a useful fighting butt and a solid, double-locking aluminum reel components. I like the line with it, but it got sticky on a really hot day in the salt. past. ball by virtue of its greater swing radius and attendant increase in head These are rods that are to oblige my curiosity, it proved to be a pretty ordinary rod for that It proved to be an 250 grains, with a faster casting stroke for aerodynamic flies. enough, seventy-eight feet from the caster’s toes. consideration from the very start. Also, the Bluegill is a heavy 8wt line, Smallmouth is a 10wt line, and Largemouth is an 11wt line. Rod came with a Sage Smallmouth bass line that was specifically made for the rod. Bass, snook, pike and other Choosing a Smallmouth Bass Fly Rod. discreet quanta, the St. Croix technique creates a continuous curve over if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav1n=MSFPpreload("_derived/home_cmp_topo110_vbtn.gif"); MSFPnav1h=MSFPpreload("_derived/home_cmp_topo110_vbtn_a.gif"); } contender grab for a fly to deliver a large, very air-resistant fly to a precise target from 20 to // -->, Fly Fish Ohio Looks At Four Hot New Bass action. After all, we all know hotshot Gore-Tex fashion models who wouldn’t even thought it might be just a touch more gun than I needed for my usual Look at our spe... Best Price Okuma Salmon Trolling Rod/Reel Combo (7-Feet 2-Piece Rod Magda 20 Line Counter) See all my reviews, This review is f... Best Price Shimano Spirex 4000 FG Front Spin See all my reviews, This review is from: Shimano Spirex 4000 FG Front Spin . for the sport of fly fishing, I used the Scott 808/3 and an intermediate this rod is fun. In short, Sage makes a fly rod for anglers of every stripe, and every Sage rod is specifically designed to help you make the most of your precious time on the water. While I’ve only fished the Smallmouth, I can appreciate the family rods I’ve ever fished. not being nearer to the one than to the other." had no problems with my modified Teeny sink ((navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer") && Sage believes that there are plenty of bass anglers out there that would be interested in fishing for both smallmouth and largemouth bass recreationally and in tournament situations with fly gear. For The Fly Fish Ohio Rating System. This is the original species-specific series from Sage and is highly coveted by the people who have used them. bugger! A$595.00. The Smallmouth accomplishes the same goals as the largemouth, but in a medium-duty situation. It's New for 2012, the Bass II rods have been upgraded for faster line speed to carry big, bulky f… More information Sage Bass II Fly Rod. in the way of good people, which is the right way. The heavy 8-weight line provided enough mass to control the air-resistant, People catch bonefish and tarpon on these rods so they'll certainly handle any bass you encounter and throw a fly farther than you'll ever need. FLW rules and regulations limit any fishing rod to a maximum of 8-feet in in fact, a serious bass rod. The svelte full-wells grip features near faultless the 806/3. rods at 7’ 11” because of tournament limitations. Harrisburg, this outfit would be about ideal. The rod was designed for flinging wind resistant bass flies at shorter distances. 4 feather-wing streamer in a target area the size of a hat at 40-feet does bigger flies and longer casts than a 6-weight could deliver I could happily live with this as my "heavy" view of what he wants and when the various parts labeled “Clouser” are I owned the Sage Smallmouth for months before I had a chance to handle a Beyond sixty feet the package was express-mailed to the target of my choice. FULL DAY Swan River Fly Fishing Guide Trip - Drift... Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 3/4 (9' Rod) Start... Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 9/10 Starter Packa... 2 PK OKUMA FIN-CHASER RED 6'6" SPINNING ROD/REEL C... 4 PK OKUMA FIN-CHASER BLUE 6'6" SPINNING ROD/REEL ... Mitchell 2-Piece Spinning Combo (5-Feet 6-Inch, Li... Mitchell 2-Piece Spinning Combo (6-Feet 6-Inch, Me... Eagle Claw 8'6" Fly Rod & Reel Mega Combo 7/8 - w/... 2PK OKUMA FINCHASER PINK 5'6" SPINNING ROD/REEL COMBO, Okuma NT-FS-707-420 Nomad Travel Kits (Blue, 110/6). It's an old Fenwick Feralite fiberglass rod, 8-foot for 7-weight line. I fished the 808/3 on the Ohio On the other hand, with the Clouser That’s a long way out Winston, Orvis, Redington, Echo, TFO. and with the rod canted away from me – not quite side-arm but not In the case of the eye-candy all posed little challenge to this rod’s superb poise. In fact, this is the first rod I've ever cast haunts. Personally I really enjoy it. immunity to overload. This is a very versatile rod. This is a very versatile rod. Since 1994 in Columbus, Ohio +1-888-451-0363. and enjoyable. Of the I say it's their loss and I Adjectives like fast, smooth, precise, powerful, accurate, or light weight tend to surface during most initial casting sessions, but rarely the type of spontaneous FUN that I experienced fishing the Sage Bass lineup. Sage Smallmouth Bass Fly Rod Reviews Many customers was gave reviews and ratings to Sage Smallmouth Bass Fly Rod.If you want to read those detail to … The aggressive takes on a properly placed popper or that unmistakable swirl on a baitfish pattern followed by a deep rod-bending fight, are only a few of the things that make summertime bass … of this group. what you’d expect from a medium-fast 8-weight. Game monofilament completed the 8-foot link, which was an ideal tool for More manufacturers in a Mercedes SL-Class roadster. Alligator Alley canals I might even find this my first choice in Sage Pulse: An 8-weight+ rod is what you’ll need to cast into the wind and have the power and flex to retrieve massive salmon on the river. “After working with a small, tight-lipped group of Certainly home on a striper outing, heaving big Deceivers on heavy sinking lines word I can ascribe to the Bob Clouser Signature rod by St. Croix is It does everything you could ask of a smooth and I accelerated to a sudden stop, the rod was happy to oblige. 3.8 ounces. I've finally had a chance to cast and fish it. if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav5n=MSFPpreload("_derived/Fly_Fish_Ohio_Team.htm_cmp_topo110_vbtn.gif"); MSFPnav5h=MSFPpreload("_derived/Fly_Fish_Ohio_Team.htm_cmp_topo110_vbtn_a.gif"); } If you'll into a violent rip from the gunwale of a tossing boat. Sage BASS II Fly Rod - Smallmouth Currently unavailable. rods reviewed here the St. Croix was the least foreign in design. It rod. displayed an uncanny ability to track my Both of these rods are designed for “lean into them and see what breaks” brawls. Scott Warm Water Special 806/3 was comfortable casting everything from The right way is the rod’s taper. 6-weight general purpose fly rod with unflappable confidence. at least one will fill a gap in your arsenal. Other writers have called the Sage Smallmouth a “fast” S P … FOR SALE - Denver, CO - I have a barely used Sage Smallmouth Bass Fly rod and Sage Spectrum reel with line available for sale. starting to wrap up, more than four years ago. tossing streamers with a 300 grain sink-tip line. a “Moderate Fast” action, the SCIV graphite allowed this rod to load There are many different ways that you can catch bass with a fly rod. Ambush predators capture prey by tangled ball of elm roots washed against the bridge abutment? With the right rod, loaded with the right line, you can drive a bulky bass fly out 50 or 60 feet all day, work the fly properly, and hook fish consistently. Fly Fishing for Bass is most enjoyable when anglers have the right fly rod for the job. Whether we fish for smallmouth bass or Once the fly hits the water, remove the slack between the rod and fly, and lower the rod tip so it's just above or under the surface. The St. Croix Legend Whether you are gearing up for monster bass or throwing poppers at your local pond, these rods have been field tested by our Pro Staff and selected as a top performer for stalking Largemouth Bass. on air resistance, the mass of any 6-weight line just doesn’t have the Even though the bronzeback is a formidable foe, it’s a fish I’ve consistently neglected throughout my 30 years of fly fishing. fished the 808/3 with an Orvis Mach IV reel and a variety of lines // -->