Corianton was a man who knew how to repent and he left his sins behind him and lived the life of a disciple. – Ama 42:31 In Ammonihah, in Alma 12 .13, Alma fought for his own life. Alma testifies that it is through Jesus Christ that everyone can be saved. :7-9 Admonitions of a Loving Parent This chapter is the first of several that relate Alma's teachings to Corianton, a wayward son.… Alma taught his son Corianton that all things shall be restored to their perfect and proper frame. Sexual sin is an abomination—Corianton's sins kept the Zoramites from receiving the word—Christ's redemption is retroactive in saving the faithful who preceded it. (Alma 39:14.) Items needed: chalk and eraser, two paper bags or boxes- one filled with garbage and the other filled with desirable items such as treats or little party favor toys, two cardboard toilet paper rolls, paper towels, first aid items and medicines. Corianton’s actions had more influence on the Zoramites than Alma’s words did. Circa 74 BC (17th year of the reign of the judges), Corianton went with his older brother Shiblon and his father Alma, and five others (Amulek, Zeezrom, Ammon, Aaron, and Omner), on a proselytizing mission to the Zoramites in Antionum, while his eldest brother Helaman stayed behind. At one point while preaching as a missionary, he was stoned to death but was raised from the dead by his brother. Here are some takeaways from Alma’s counsel to his son Corianton found in Alma 39–42. Corianton: A Story of Unholy Love is a 1931 film based on the story of Corianton, son of Alma in the Book of Mormon.. Perhaps he turned to the prophetic words that once had this very effect on Corianton’s grandfather—Alma the Elder. Preparation. Make a chart of the items listed in the attention activity, or write them on the chalkboard. He was the second son of Alma the Younger, who was the first chief judge. (Corianton did not obey Alma.) (Alma 39:8.) Point out that choosing would be difficult because they would not know what would happen in the future: they might sink and need the life jacket, become thirsty and need the water to drink, become hungry and need the fishing pole, encounter sharks and need the repellent, need the radio to seek help, get hurt and need the first-aid kit, need the flares for a nighttime rescue, or get rescued in the next few hours and wish they had kept the treasure. Explain that in life we have many difficult choices to make, but Heavenly Father has given us commandments to help us. According to the Book of Mormon, Timothy was the son of Nephi, son of Helaman, and brother of Nephi the Disciple. (Alma 39:2.) (Alma 39:15.) What does it mean that Corianton did not give heed to his father’s words? eyes (Alma 399), still referring to Corianton as my son, in a kindly manner. Corianton is a prodigal son. The choices in this activity should pose a dilemma. (See “Preparing Your Lessons,” p. vi, and “Teaching from the Scriptures,” p. When Amos died, his brother Ammaron took over as record keeper. This film screening is in conjunction with the exhibition A Visual Testimony: Minerva Teichert’s Book of Mormon Paintings. That novel, along with A Ship of Hagoth by Julia A. MacDonald, was made into a play by Orestes U. Bean in… I don’t know how much Alma’s approach to his son deserves the credit for that, but Corianton is someone we ought to look up to rather than pity. Invite a child to give the closing prayer. Deaddebate 21:56, 11 November 2016 (UTC) Not sure entirely what is being proposed here. He then goes on to talk about other doctrines Corianton is worried about. His father Alma reprimanded him for his grievous sins, commanded him to repent, and preached to him about the afterlife, the Resurrection, and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. ... Corianton’s Concerns, Alma’s Theology, and Nephite Tradition. Alma teaches his son that sexual sin is an abomination, saying that it is “most abominable above all sins save it be the shedding of innocent blood or denying the Holy Ghost” . Alma’s words to his young-adult son Corianton are striking in their uncompromising denouncement of sexual sins. Download Alma Counsels His 24 Son Corianton PDF for free. Alma and two of his sons, Shiblon and Corianton, went on a mission to the apostate Zoramites. We often say “the punishment fits the crime.” Here the reward fits the repentance. CORIANTON, SON OF ALMA. Of Corianton's birth and death we have no record. What does it mean to boast? Alma 42 concludes Alma the Younger’s powerful, four-chapter exhortation to his son Corianton. Circa 74 BC (17th year of the reign of the judges), Corianton went with his older brother Shiblon and his father Alma, and five others (Amulek, Zeezrom, Ammon, Aaron, and Omner),[9] on a proselytizing mission to the Zoramites in Antionum, while his eldest brother Helaman stayed behind. We start Alma's commandments to his son, Corianton. Encourage the children to share with their families a specific part of the lesson, such as a story, question, or activity, or to read with their families the “Suggested Home Reading.”. Have a child read Alma 39:11. How might the Holy Ghost help you know you have made a good decision? The film's existence can be traced to the 1889 novel Corianton by B. H. Roberts.That novel, along with A Ship of Hagoth by Julia A. MacDonald, was made into a play by Orestes U. Bean in 1902. Astute readers of the Book of Mormon may have noticed that “Alma [the Younger] shows an affinity for the words of Abinadi.”1 Nowhere is this affinity more evident than in his counsel to his son Corianton, where research by John L. Hilton III indicates that Alma made at least thirteen allusions or direct quotations to Abinadi’s teachings (see table).2 Here, however, he is fighting for his son’s life. Study the following questions and the scripture references as you prepare your lesson. Ammaron took custody of the Nephite records after the death of his brother, Amos, in AD 306 and three verses contain Mormon's abridgment of his writings. Make a small handout for each child in your class of the words I will make righteous choices. Alma 38, Corianton Pride & Passion af :20 Minute Scriptorian øjeblikkeligt på din tablet, telefon eller browser - download ikke nødvendigt. When Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden of Eden, an angel prevented them from returning and eating of the fruit of the tree of life, which would have made them immortal. vii.) Have the children role-play situations involving choices and consequences, such as the following: A friend wants you to watch an inappropriate movie or video. Why did Alma say he was unhappy with Corianton? From what other sources can you receive righteous counsel? [11] The last account in the Book of Mormon of Corianton is that he journeyed to a northern land to deliver provisions.[12]. Ask the children to imagine that they are alone on a raft in the middle of the ocean. The Gravity of Sexual Sin. According to the Book of Mormon, Amos was a Nephite record keeper. About 74 B.C. Why should we expect others to let us worship God as we desire? These appellations, "the Younger" and "the Elder," are not used in the Book of Mormon; they are distinctions made by scholars, useful because both individuals were prominent during the same time … At the conclusion of the activity, emphasize the importance of thinking of the consequences before we make choices. Why would the son of a prophet struggle to understand one of the most … Use the questions you feel will best help the children understand the scriptures and apply the principles in their lives. Chapter Summary The commandments of Alma to his son Corianton. (For suggested ways to teach the scripture account, see “Teaching from the Scriptures,” p. Circa 74 BC (17th year of the reign of the judges), Shiblon went with his father, younger brother Corianton, and five others (Amulek, Zeezrom, Ammon, Aaron, and Omner),[15] on a mission to proselytize to the Zoramites in Antionum, while his older brother Helaman stayed behind. Recommend multi-level merger with Helaman, son of Helaman, Corianton, Shiblon, Timothy, son of Nephi, Amos, son of Nephi, Ammaron, and Amos, son of Amos. The Gravity of Sexual Sin. Amos' record relates the degeneration of the society of the Nephites after the appearance of Jesus on the American continent. And so I made up my mind firmly and solidly that I would never touch those harmful things. Why do we need to obey our parents? 4 Nephi 1:21–46 are an abridgment of his writings. How did Corianton’s unrighteous actions affect the Zoramites? Scripture Account Teach the children the account of Alma counseling his son Corianton from Alma 39. Alma the Younger talks with his son Shiblon, who was faithful even when others threw stones at him and he was persecuted by the people. I can’t help but believe that Alma(2) had a better understanding of Corianton then Corianton had of himself. (Alma 39:13.) According to the Book of Mormon, Shiblon (/ˈʃɪblən/)[14] was a Nephite missionary and record-keeper. They are described as Nephite record-keepers, missionaries and prophets. They must throw overboard all but two items of their supplies. Two verses, 4 Nephi 1:19–20, are an abridgment (by Mormon) of his writings: 19 And it came to pass that Nephi, he that kept this last record, (and he kept it upon the plates of Nephi) died, and his son Amos kept it in his stead; and he kept it upon the plates of Nephi also.

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